Issues Facing San Diego

County Board of Education:


School Safety

“Making sure students are safe at school is paramount to me and we need to partner wtih our local law enforcement agencies to insure that they have the resources to do their job.” – Mark Powell


Affordable Housing For Teachers

“San Diego lacks enough affordable housing for teachers. Having teachers live in the neighborhoods they work in benefits students and parents, because most teachers want the opportunity to connect with the community and families they teach. District-owned affordable housing programs can help make that happen.” – Mark Powell


School Repair

“Our schools are in desperate need of repair and with advances in engineering we have better materials to make repairs last longer. School repair one of my top infrastructure priorities and I will implement policies that will streamline the construction process insuring things such as safe drinking water and a healthy classroom environment.” – Mark Powell




School Budget Deficits

“It is time to open the books, the public deserves an accounting of district expenditures and hold school leaders accountable for mismanaging their budgets. We will get the money out of hands of overpaid administrators and back into the classroom where it belongs.” – Mark Powell



Homelessness and Education

“We must start dealing with homelessness as an ongoing core function of local government and local elected officials need to partner with the San Diego County Office of Education on real solutions. Without a proactive approach our homeless student population will remain living in our shelters, streets and parks.” – Mark Powell












Prepare Students for the Workforce

“We need to increase Vocational Education Programs also known as Career Techniqual Education throughout all 42 districts in San Diego County and develop comprehensive internship programs that will prepare students to work in a trade or craft.” – Mark Powell

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