Mark Powell, MA.Ed.
“Independent Leadership…Common Sense Solutions!”

I was born and raised in San Diego, the son of Jewish refugees. My family was forced to leave Egypt due to religious persecution. That’s my mom in the news article below wearing the white coat and the rest of the family walking off the jet when they arrived in San Diego on March 28, 1959.

Stripped of their money and property they were only allowed to bring one suitcase and the clothes on their backs. My mom would tell me,           “...they can take our money and they can take our property, but they can’t take our education!” At a very young age I was taught that education was the key to success. That’s why I am proud to serve on the San Diego County Board of Education, but much more needs to be accomplished so I’m running for a second term on the board.

It is always a pleasure to highlight the successes of our Monarch school students. Monarch School is a public K-12 school in San Diego which is exclusively for students who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or impacted by homelessness.

I have appeared several times on TV advocating for parents, students, teachers and support staff. I believe that San Diego needs an Independent leader, a leader with common sense solutions, because I want my children and all children to have the same opportunities that I did growing up.

Education & Credentials

  • Master of Science, Educational Counseling
  • Master of Arts, Educational Administration
  • Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice Administration
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
  • Educational Administration Credential
  • School Counseling Credential
  • GATE Certification


San Diego is facing an unprecedented affordable housing and rental crisis. Teachers cannot afford to live in the city that they are teaching in. Many teachers are leaving the profession or moving out of state to areas where housing is more affordable. California is facing a teacher shortage and we need to act now for our teachers and students. I believe that one way to retain teachers and help them cope with soaring rents is by encouraging local school districts to build affordable housing projects on district owned land. This is one way to help stabilize our neighborhoods and make our communities stronger.



Recognized Community Leadership

Mark Powell was recognized by California State Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez and California State Senators Joel Anderson and Brian Jones for outstanding leadership and dedication to the promotion of equity and excellence in the real estate industry helping small businesses succeed and helping more members of our community realize their dream of home ownership.

Leadership in Educational Administration:

  • Vice Principal of Correia Jr. High School.
  • Coordinated instructional programs which include Language Arts, Social Studies, ASB and Yearbook.
  • Chairman of the Discipline Committee.
  • Oversaw the implementation of the school wide discipline plan.
  • Supervised College Student Workers.
  • Coordinated Open House/Back-To-School-Night.
  • Administered after school tutorial program.
  • Monitored the daily transportation/supervision of over 500 students.
  • Managed 8 categorical budgets.
  • Assisted in the formation of the schools Master Schedule.

As Vice Principal of Correia Jr. High School, I evaluated teacher performance and supervised College Student Workers. I worked closely with counselors to put into operation several student support groups and after school activity programs.

As Dean of Students/Attendance Coordinator at Montgomery Middle School, I revitalized the School Attendance Review Team (SART) and was instrumental in organizing a tardy prevention plan that is currently being used by Montgomery Middle School.

  • Dean of Students Montgomery Middle School, Linda Vista
  • Attendance Coordinator Chair School Attendance Review
  • Developed an E-mail Discipline Referral System
  • Member of San Diego Unified School Districts School Initiated Placement Panel

As the Vice Principal of Carlton Hills School and Carlton Oaks School in the Santee School District, I was responsible for the school's everyday administrative tasks and daily school operations. Both schools are located in the Santee School District which is a K-8 district. Having grades kindergarten to 8th grade housed on the same campus provided a unique full spectrum educational leadership experience.

  • Vice Principal of Carlton Hills School and Carlton Oaks School, Santee
  • Member of the Interviewing Panel (teaching and non-credential positions)
  • Oversaw the implementation of Carlton Hills Accelerated Reader Program

Teaching Experience:

  • Classroom Teacher, 4th Grade, Webster Academy
  • GATE Teacher, 5th/6th Grade, Hearst Elementary School
  • Classroom Teacher, 5th Grade, Curie Elementary School
  • Adjunct Professor, National University
  • Adjunct Professor, United States International University (Alliant International University)


I was a Classroom Teacher at Webster Academy, Hearst Elementary School and Curie Elementary School.

Leadership in Business:
I am the Founder and Owner of Discovery Property Group, Inc., an independent real estate brokerage in San Diego, California. My company provides residential and commercial real estate services. Drawing on my experience as a former school Vice Principal, I have brought together a highly skilled team with the capabilities to manage both volume and variety of sales while maintaining client communication and professionalism as my top priority.

  • 2011-2019 San Diego Five Star Real Estate Agent Award Recepiant
  • 2009 Chairman of the Educational Services Advisory Committee for the California Association of Realtors.
  • 2008 Vice-Chairman of the Educational Services Advisory Committee for the California Association of Realtors.
  • Member, National Association of Realtors
  • Member, California Association of Realtors
  • Member, San Diego Association of Realtors

I am one of the very few to receive the San Diego Five Star Real Estate Agent Award  nine years in a row (2011-2019). In addition to numerous other awards and certification, I have written several educational articles on distressed property management and related real estate topics promoting the education of real estate professionals that have been published nationally.

Before starting and operating my own real estate brokerage, I owned and operated my own traffic school, where I provided instruction to motorists, while working closely with the courts, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Traffic Safety Institute.

  • Owner and operator Stop & Go Traffic School
  • Supervised, trained, and evaluated all instructors
  • Developed course curriculum and wrote the course examination
  • Coordinated the scheduling of classes
  • Designed the advertising and marketing plan

Community Service Leadership:

(Clairemont Town Council Meeting photo with former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders when he was Chief of Police)

I was elected to the position of President of the Clairemont Town Council in August 1993. I held the position for two terms. This gave me the opportunity to contribute in a positive manner and lead in my community.  I was able to help individuals and families deal responsibly with local government issues. During my terms I organized a Graffiti Removal Team, Neighborhood Watch Program and a Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP).

(Photo of Police Chief Bill Kolender at Academy Graduation)

I also served the Clairemont community and City of San Diego as a Reserve Police Officer. As a Police Officer I sharpened my people skills by interacting with individuals from all walks of life. Often, the job was dangerous, but the training, experience, knowledge, and leadership skills that I received were well worth it.

Leadership Training:
I am a 1995 graduate of the LEAD San Diego (Leadership Education Awareness Development). Each year LEAD San Diego selects a handful of San Diego's future leaders and provides them with issue-oriented leadership seminars. The LEAD program develops community leaders to serve and enhance the San Diego region through proactive community, business, and educational leadership. I have also completed the following programs: San Diego County Office of Education's Future Administrators Academy, Curriculum and Instruction Academy, San Diego City School's Vice Principal's Training Program and the San Diego County Office of Education's California School Leadership Academy.

Leadership in Youth Programs:
My qualifications, training, education and experience in Gang and Substance Use Prevention helped me in organizing conflict resolution programs, summer transition programs, curriculum support programs, Red Ribbon Week and Safe School's Grant Parent Patrol. I have been instrumental in reducing the number of fights, gang related activities, and graffiti on campuses through a proactive, positive approach to discipline. I provided staff development seminars to teachers, staff members, parents and community members on street gangs and the problems they inherently create.

Leadership Roles in Law:
As a former Reserve Officer with both the San Diego Police Department and the National City Police Department, I have a "working" knowledge of Law Enforcement and I was the Law Enforcement Liaison between Correia Jr. High School, SDPD and School Police. I was selected by the San Diego Police Department to be a role model speaker for San Diego City Schools. I conducted seminars on the adverse effects of performance enhancing drugs to the students at Hawthorn, Curie, Hancock, Balboa, and Field Elementary Schools.

Recognized Inventor:
I am the recipient of two United States patents. A utility patent and a design patent. In order to bring my concept from just an idea to an actual product on the market, I organized and lead a team of professionals, to successfully procure, develop and market the product.

Family: Husband and Parent:
I am a lifelong San Diegan who attended San Diego Unified schools from kindergarten through 12th grade, graduating from Madison High School in 1979. Now, I am the proud father of two daughters who attend public school in University City where my wife and I have lived for 16 years.

Mark Powell on KUSI Good Morning San Diego Discusses the sale of San Diego Unified Schools. Mark states "Selling district properties may seem to be a relatively quick and simple solution to our financial hardships, but there are major downsides. The sale of properties would only provide a one time rescue. This is analogous to selling your hot water heater to pay your gas bill. There are options to selling valuable school properties."

Mark Powell addresses the San Diego Unified School Board which is one of the school district located in District 1 

Advocating of all students no matter where they attend school is what I have, and will continue to do as a member on the San Diego County Board of Education.

"Quality time with your children is crucial to your children's education" - Mark Powell

As a former Reserve Police Officer with the San Diego Police Department Mark understands the importance of public safety and keeping our schools safe and free from bullying.

"Honoring and respecting diversity if an important part of our community" - Mark Powell