PUBLICATIONS AND ARTICLES                                      BY MARK POWELL

San Diego School Districts Should Consider Building Teacher Housing, May 30, 2019

One way to retain teachers and help them cope with soaring rents is by encouraging local school districts to build affordable housing projects exclusively for teachers. California is experiencing a teacher shortage and even though the enrollment in teacher credentialing programs is rising, the numbers just aren’t high enough. Many California teachers have already departed to less-expensive states where housing costs are more in line with salaries, which has exacerbated our teacher shortage.

San Diego Education Office working to prevent school drug use, February 13, 2019 

San Diego Education Office working to prevent school drug use San Diego County Office of Education is working with partners like the DEA, and public health and community agencies, to prevent drug overdoses and deaths; in addition to designing curriculum for use in classrooms; and forming student clubs that promote healthy lifestyles free of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

The Left and Right Need to Embrace YIMBY Goals With Actions, Not Just Words, January 30, 2019

Over the last decade, there’s been a lot of political debate surrounding homelessness and the affordable housing crisis in San Diego. But for all the talk, San Diego County still has the fourth highest homeless population in the country and with a median home value of $633,500, it’s still one of the most expensive places to live in the state. And when it comes to affordable housing remedies, many of our elected officials blame communities for a “Not In My Backyard” stance when it comes to building affordable housing units.

Why We Need to Fear Deadly Fentanyl in San Diego, January 24, 2019

Two milligrams of pure fentanyl, about the size of about four grains of salt is enough to kill an average adult. And there is no way to tell if a drug contains fentanyl just by looking at it, especially if it is already mixed with marijuana. A teenager could unwittingly smoke fentanyl-laced marijuana and die. That should concern all of us.

Opinion: Homelessness Is Spilling into San Diego’s Residential Neighborhoods, July 19, 2018

Cities and elected officials must start dealing with homelessness as an ongoing core function of local government. The relationship is clear; substance abuse and mental illness are the major contributing factors for many people becoming and remaining homeless. Without a proactive approach, the homeless will remain living in our streets, alleys, parks and canyons.

A Foster Care System for the Homeless Could Ease the Housing Crisis March 29, 2018  

Foster care for the homeless could facilitate a percentage of the homeless that need some help getting back on their feet, provide additional income to homeowners on fixed incomes, and limit the urgency to build affordable housing for the homeless that is costly and often not viable.

More affordable housing needed for San Diego baby boomers August 4, 2017

San Diego lacks enough affordable housing to meet the needs of our growing senior population and local government could do much more to increase the supply. By 2030, there will be approximately 9 million baby boomers between the ages of 66 to 84. Most boomers will be on fixed incomes and will need some form of affordable housing.

Can you afford to buy the home you live in? Apr 14, 2017

Approximately 21 percent of households throughout San Diego County are priced out of the market based on their current incomes. This places San Diego as the second highest city in terms of affordability to buy a home with San Francisco in the number one spot and Los Angeles in third place. There is a solution to making homes more affordable, but it would take the cooperation of our elected officials.

A Small But Important Part of the Solution to the Housing Crisis, April 7, 2017

Last year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1069, intended to reduce regulatory barriers facing homeowners who seek to build granny flats to increase the supply of affordable housing in California. The bill mandates local governments adhere to new regulations regarding granny flats. These mandates went into effect in January, but San Diego’s municipal codes are still not in line with SB 1069.

Charter schools offer parents another option, January 4, 2017

Regardless of their income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school more regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior and adapt well to school. So why do so many educators feel that school choice is merely...

School Choice Motivates Neighbor Schools to Compete, November 17, 2016

When it comes to school choice, parents with money have options; parents with little or no money have fewer options. One way to empower parents is through school choice programs that allow students and their parents to pick the school that works best for them.

Term limits should apply to school board members, August 26, 2016

One thing most voters do agree with are term limits for elected officials. Polling consistently shows support for term limits in the mid-70s percentage range or higher, yet the San Diego County Office of Education and the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) have not implemented term limits for board members.